Du 5 au 9 juin, nous aurons la grande chance d’accueillir une cinquantaine de chercheurs provenant des Etats-Unis, du Canada, d’Angleterre, des Pays-Bas, de France, d’Espagne, du Portugal, de Russie, d’Estonie, de Tchéquie, de Taiwan, etc. qui viendront présenter, à l’IHECS, les résultats de leurs recherches sur les légendes urbaines, rumeurs, fake news et théories du complot.


Découvrez ici l’alléchant programme préliminaire!

2018 ISCLR Conference

Preliminary Program – Brussels

Tuesday 5th May    
09H00 – 09H15 Welcome Speech
Panel: Contemporary Legends and Technologies
09H15 – 09H45


Elena Yugai : Becoming a Bad Fairy: Misunderstandings between Children and Grown-ups as a Trigger of Moral Panic in Russia 2016-2017
09H45 – 10H15 Alexandra Arkhipova, Anna Kirzyuk, Daria Radchenko, Zislin Josef : “Death Groups”: From Urban Legend to Moral Panic
10H15 – 10H45 Tjalling A. Beetstra : Oriental and Western Views on the Contemporary Internet Legend of the Red Room
10H45 – 11H00 Coffee Break
Panel: Contemporary Legends and Technologies 2
11H00 – 11H30 Michelle Jones : « Taping Up Your Webcam: Ostension on the Digital Age »
11H30 – 12H00 Alexandra Arkhipova, Anna Kirzyk : “X-ray red film”, “X-ray black glasses” and Foucault’s Panopticon
12H00 – 12H30 Elissa R. Henken : LOL and All That Stuff: Misunderstandings in an Electronic World
12H30 – 14H00 Lunch Time
Panel: Urban Legends, Rumors, Conspiracy Theories: Definitions and Epistemology
14H00 – 14H30 David A. Samper, “Rumor and Legend: Round Two”
14H30 – 15H00 Véronique Campion-Vincent : Rumors, Urban Legends and Conspiracy Theories
15H00 – 15H30 Julien Giry : Archeology and Uses of the “Paranoid Style”. A Critical epistemology
15H30 – 16H Coffee Break
Panel:Conspiracy Theories
16H – 16H30


Carolyn Ware : Black Helicopters and Endangered Turtles: Conspiracy Rumors and Legends in Coastal Louisiana (Conspiray theories after Katrina)
16H30 – 17H Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby : America Wants to Destroy Us: Rumor and Conspiracy in Russia
17H – 17H30 Zuzana Panczova : Apocalyptical Visions in Rumors and Conspiracy Theories on Slovak Anti-Systemic Websites
  Drink at the Town Hall of the Grand Place
Wednesday 6th June
Panel: What’s Happened in the Sky?
09H00 – 09H30 Abrassart, J.-M : Mistaking the Moon for an Alien Spacecraft: The “SAROS Operation”
09H30 – 10H00 Povedák, István “There’s a starman waiting in the sky…” Paleoastronautic Myths Behind the Iron Curtain
10H00 – 10H30 Stephen Winick: How Legends Are Made: Stan Rogers, “The Flowers of Bermuda,” and Air Canada Flight 797
10H30 – 11H Coffee Break
  Panel: Mysterious Creatures
11H – 11H30 David Puglia : The Poe Toaster: A Literary Legend, a Mysterious Man, and the Supernatural in the City
11H30 – 12H John Bodner : Narratives of Monsters after Slenderman: Modelling and Resistance in a Memorate
12H – 12H30 Petr Janeček : Beyond Media Scare: Spring-Heeled Jack Legends and Rumours in Eastern and Central Europe, 1918-1971
12H30 – 14H Lunch Time
  Panel: Mysterious Creatures 2
14H – 14H30 Emily Kummerfeld : The Nephilim: The Revival of an Ancient Legend in the Modern World
14H30 – 15H Nikita Petrov : The legend about Petrified Girl in the USSR and Modern Russia: “Stone Zoya”
15H – 15H30 Sandy Hobbs : Dog Suicides in Dumbarton
15H30 – 16H Coffee Break
  Panel: Legends and Culture
16H – 16H30 David Clarke : Tears for Fears: The Curse of the Crying Boy
16H30 – 17H00


Theo Meder : The Talking Dead Personal Communication with the Other Side through the Ouija Board, Spirit of the Glass, and the Charlie Charlie Challenge.
17H00 – 17H30 Mikel Koven: Häxan and the Birth of Folk Horror
Activities 17H30 Häxan Movie
  20H Crossbow! 
Thursday 7th June Visit of Bruges
Friday 8th June
Panel: Political Rumors 
09H00 – 09H30 Patricia Turner: The Designated Bogeyman: Obama Legends in the Era of Trump
09H30 – 10H00 Chia-Cheng Hsu : The Power of Rumors in Politics: A Case Study of the “Death Grip” Rumors of an Elected President of Taiwan
10H00 – 10H30 Timothy Evans : The Bowling Green Massacre: Fake News, Narrative and Counter-Narrative
10H30 – 11H Coffee Break
  Panel: Political Rumors 2
11H – 11H30 Camille Sleight-Price : “Protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL): Virtual “check-ins” at Standing Rock as a Movement of Solidarity”
11H30 – 12H Carme Oriol, Emili Samper: The Use of Rumours in situations of Political Conflict: A Contemporary Case Study
12H – 12H30 Romo Pedrejon: The Legend of Anastasia: Mystery and Conspiracy as Forces for the Construction of a Celebrity Identity
12H30 – 14H Lunch Time
  Panel: Political Rumors 3
14H – 14H30 Gary Alan Fine and Marc Argemi: Faked News: the Politics of Rumor in British World War II Propaganda
14H30 – 15H Crystal Rose : Fighting Fake News: The Role of Librarians in Media Literacy
15H – 15H30 Coffee Break
  Panel: Fear & Prank
15H30 – 16H Seonaid Anderson : Gassed and Robbed: 2018 update
16H – 16H30 Mikhael Garder: In Search of Legendary Forms Among Moscow’s Homeless
16H30 – 17H


Peter Burger & Bart van der Steen: Hot Coins for the People: Custom, Prank, and Legend: Urban Identity and Contested Memories in a Dutch University Town (Leiden,1841-2016)
17H – 17H30 Daria Radchenko : Imaginary Undergrounds: Between a Prank and a Legend
17H30-18H  Benjamin Radford:The Blue Whale Game: Moral Panic or Public Threat?
Activity Conference Banquet
Saturday 9th June
  Panel: Contemporary Uses of Old Stories
09H00 – 09H30 Gail Arlene Devos : Two Wolves: A Ubiquitous Legend in Popular Culture
09H30 – 10H00 Eda Kalmre : Tracing an Old Folk Ballad: Rumours, Hearsays, Memories
10H00 – 10H30 J. J. Dias Marques: The “Path of Legends”, in Olhão, Portugal
10H30 – 11H Coffee Break
  Panel: Legend-Tripping
11H – 11 :30H Angelina Kozlovskaya: Belief and Play in Children’s Supernatural Practices
11H30 – 12H Marina Baiduzh: Legend-Tripping in Siberian Cities: Variability and Local Identity
12H – 12H30 Esta Matveeva: Сhildren’s Moscow: Urban Space of the Megapolis in Contemporary “Horror” Narratives
 12H30-13H  Ian Brodie: “You Meddling Kids”: Legend quests and the depiction of belief and the supernatural in Scooby Doo! Where Are You?
13H – 14H Lunch Time
  Panel: Legend-Tripping 2
14H – 14H30 Maxine Allison Vande Vaarst : “Meet Me at the Gates of Hell: New Jersey Legend Trippers and Their Values”
14H30 – 15H Daisy Ahlstone : Thylacine Dreams: Symbolism in the Vernacular Resurrection of an Extinct Marsupial
15H – 15H30 C.J. Guadarrama : Mapping Intermountain: Re-creating the History of the Intermountain Indian School through Legend-Tripping
15H30- 15H45 Andrea Kitta: The Ghost Walk as Teaching and Research Tool
15H45 – 16H Conclusion and Thanks
15H30 – 16H00 Coffee Break
16H00 – 17h30 ISCLR Annual General Meeting

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Aurore Van de Winkel